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Social Media Marketing

Social media campaign for Dr Karim Elkabany Clinic

It was a tough competition between us and other digital media marketing agencies in Egypt, we got the doctor’s attention at the end due to the clear and effective strategy that we built describing our vision, in addition to our competitive price.

Our Services As A Social Media Marketing Agency

Started with a complete Social Media makeover to all platforms from; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Linked-In and Snapchat.

Creatives And Videos

Worked with different Styles of creatives, such as

  1. Picture designs and picture templates
  2. High-quality video animation in GULF tongue voiceover, since we targeted GULF countries Like KSA along with Egypt
  3. Video editing to the doctor’s special shows and episodes
  4. 360 videos, by photographing his clinics and converting them to 360 posts
  5. GIFS using patients Before and after pictures and making them in a different way in a GIF form

It was very interactive and the doctor was delighted with our work

Facebook Page Management & Other Platforms

We were responsible for all social media replies, especially for Facebook and Instagram that had the most interactions.


  • Client

    Dr karim Elkabany

  • Designed By:

    Omar Mahfouz

  • Copy Writer:

    Alyaa Ahmed


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