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How to install Fawry pay plugin for Woocommerce

Fawry pay and WooCommerce – Fawry Payment Gateway Let’s have a look at WooCommerce… WooCommerce is an open-source e-commerce plugin for WordPress. It is designed for small to large-sized online…

Digital Marketing Agency In Egypt May 2, 2020

How Online Payment Transactions are Processed

There are two stages in payment processing: authorization (approving the sale) and settlement (getting the money into your account). Here’s what involved with each one: 1. Approving the sale with authorization. When a customer…

Digital Marketing Agency In Egypt September 20, 2019

All You Need to Know About WordPress Payment Processing

Processing Bringing in sales is important for any eCommerce store, but an aspect that’s often overlooked is how to bring the money in. This involves choosing the best WordPress payment gateway…

Digital Marketing Agency In Egypt September 20, 2019

Magento Payment gateways Integration

A payment gateway is an application that authorizes your magento2 store to accept credit cards in your store. To accept payment on your magento2 store, you need to get a…

Digital Marketing Agency In Egypt September 20, 2019

Online payment solutions in Egypt

Online payment solutions provide reliable and secure merchant services to businesses across most industries. Simply process card payments directly from your website. It is a low cost, secure and user-friendly…

Digital Marketing Agency In Egypt November 2, 2018

Payment Gateways In Egypt

Payment Gateways and 40 Million Egyptians have access to internet, around 10% of them purchased something online in 2014, mainly electronics and air tickets, the majority of Egyptians are below…

Digital Marketing Agency In Egypt June 27, 2017
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