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5 Reasons Make Netarabia best social media agency in Egypt 2022

Business owners always look forward to how to be number one in the market. They always have fear of loss or failure, so they do their best to avoid any potential loss.

But here we have to say that about 20% of businesses fail because they don’t have a successful Social media Agency.

The marketing plan consists of many ways and channels. one of them is digital marketing. digital marketing bears the least costs, but guess what, it also yields the best returns on investments.

however, it is not costly, but it is a technical process that needs specialists in this major.

So the best digital marketing agency for your business must have 5 features :


Digital marketing isn’t an easy process or traditional step that anyone can do. It’s a technical process that needs not only a specialist digital marketing agency but a professional one. The basics 5 steps in the digital marketing process are :






A digital marketing agency will be aware of your online competitor. It’s not about coming up with great ideas, it’s about having the resources to execute the strategies and initiatives.

It provides tangible and measurable results for their services. So that you can know what benefits from the various campaigns to prove the advantages of this approach. As you have your own tools that you use in your business, The marketing agency has many tools that many organizations may not even be aware of.

Because of the huge amount of clients that the agency has, it has higher cost tools which are considered additional resources for your company’s success.


Sometimes it is easy for two people to do the same thing but the only obvious difference between them is the high quality. when you hire a digital marketing agency for your business you must choose quality over quantity. quality is the basis of international brands and it is the reason your brand continues in the long run. high quality must be in all your digital parties like:

– social media designs

– content calendar

– web development

– web design

– search engine optimization

– media buying

good quality distinguishes good products, good service, and good marketing.

3-following up

Most marketers forget the most crucial part of any of the marketing strategies that are following up. There is a huge benefit of following up whether with the trends, business updates, or customers themselves. let us know those benefits :

1-expectations achievements

when you have a digital marketing agency that follows your customer, you will achieve their desire. You will be able to understand them and provide them with what they need. And then you will have not only satisfied customers but loyal customers.

2-customer’s retention

following up with your target audience makes them feel caring. And that you are always available for them and for their questions. that make them stick to your business for a long period.


pricing is the process of making a value for a product or service. There are 3 pricing strategies that any business follow:

 1-cost-based pricing

 2-competition-based pricing

 3-customer-based pricing.

A lot of business owners follow one pricing strategy and exclude the others. And some don’t know that they have to vary between them in the same business. So you shouldn’t make it by luck, you need to a specialized people to do this process properly.


we as a digital marketing agency do our best to make our clients satisfied and loyal. But there is an important part of our business success which is taking feedback periodically. Customer’s feedback helps in:

– improve service and product

– measure customer satisfaction

– know that they are valuable

– helps in bringing views closer.

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